The key to stopping this development is by having an active community that is willing to TAKE ACTION and get the message out there and let your views be known!

In October 2014, the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) initiated a major Metropolitan Region Scheme amendment (covering approximately 105 hectares) to modify various zones and reserves (and Bush Forever site 355) at Point Peron. The amendment will facilitate a tourist based single entrance marina comprising mooring facilities for approximately 661-700 boats, an aquatic club, a marina village and open space/foreshore areas.

In June 2014, the Minister for Environment issued Statement 974 advising that the proposal may be implemented, subject to conditions such as the rehabilitation of approximately 20 hectares of the Point Peron Peninsula and the acquisition of approximately 56 hectares of vegetated replacement land along the Swan Coastal Plain. A copy of the statement can be found here. In October 2014, the Federal Department of the Environment also issued approval to the proposed development, subject to conditions.

In accordance with the Planning and Development Act 2005, the amendment has since been advertised and formal submissions closed in 2016. As at January 2017 the proposed MRS Amendment 1280/41A is still sitting with the WAPC and a decision is yet to be made as to a recommendation for or against.

Once the amendment has been considered by the WAPC, and if supported, it will be presented to the Minister for Planning for consideration and tabling in both Houses of Parliament for a final determination. For your information, here is a flow chart that outlines the statutory process for major amendments to the Metropolitan Region Scheme.


Help distribute our flyer, pettition and notices to the local Rockingham community.


Download it and print it up. Put it on local noticeboards, put it the window of local businesses, get it into the local letterboxes, send out an email with the flyer attached.


Is now closed

Thank you to the many people who supported us in this petition.


To your local MPs, local council, key decision makers. We have put together a list for you.


Make a sign and join us at our next event.


Help spread the word online. Update your photos.


This will ensure you keep updated with what is happening.


To your lcoal newspapers and letters to the editor. Let us know when you get published and we will add it to our website.


A great way to Take Action is to tell others about what is proposed for the Canal/Marina Development at Mangles Bay, Point Peron is through letterboxing and public notice boards. Help us spread the word by letterboxing your street or local neighbourhood. Give it to your family and friends!

Help us spread the word by printing our flyer

Hands Off Point Peron – A4 flyer (PDF download)

Put this up in your local shop, shopping centre notice board, workplace, anywhere you can – to help make sure as many people in as possible in Western Australia know what is being proposed at Point Peron …. before it is too late!

Other actions you can take:



We have four high-powered experts ready to start working on scientific submissions on our behalf.

They are willing to do this at least in part pro-bono but their reports take up to a week and they do need to eat.

Such reports can ask well-researched questions that put the project in doubt. And there are expenses for advertising and public meetings. So we are appealing urgently for $20,000.

To donate, please note your name as a reference and payment can be made in to the following bank account

Account Name: Hands Off Point Peron Inc
BSB 633-000
ACC: 14274 4192