About Us: HOPP (Hands Off Point Peron)

Our Aim is to raise awareness about the proposed canal and marina development plans at Mangles Bay in Point Peron.

We are not anti-development but are advocates for sensible development of this beautiful natural asset.

It would seem that the majority of people have no idea of the extent of the proposed development at Point Peron. The plans on the board are for 105 hectares of public land (including 44 hectares of Bush Forever site 355) to be rezoned and used to build an inland marina and private canal housing estate. This would consist of private residential housing with an inland marina with a capacity of up to 500 vessels. Unless you have a spare million to purchase something like this, it probably won’t benefit you.

We at HOPP support sensible development that provides equal access to the wider community, to include family friendly beaches, cycle paths, natural bushland and cafes/kiosks that everyone can enjoy, not just the elite few.

Don’t assume this is going ahead. The propaganda out there doesn’t take into account public opinion from those that are properly informed. Once it’s sold off to the developers, it’s gone for ever.

Let’s vote for something we can all enjoy! LETS STOP THE GOVERNMENT LAND GRAB NOW !

Please download our information flyer

Our Community Vision – for Point Peron

How you can help:


Help distribute our flyer, pettition and notices to the local Rockingham community.


Download it and print it up. Put it on local noticeboards, put it the window of local businesses, get it into the local letterboxes, send out an email with the flyer attached.


Get your friends and family to sign our petition. Click on the image below to download your copy.


To your local MPs, local council, key decision makers. We have put together a list for you.


Make a sign and join us at our next event.


Help spread the word online. Update your photos.


This will ensure you keep updated with what is happening.


To your lcoal newspapers and letters to the editor. Let us know when you get published and we will add it to our website.


A great way to Take Action is to tell others about what is proposed for the Canal/Marina Development at Mangles Bay, Point Peron is through letterboxing and public notice boards. Help us spread the word by letterboxing your street or local neighbourhood. Give it to your family and friends!

Help us spread the word by printing our flyer.

Hands Off Point Peron – A4 flyer (PDF download)

Put this up in your local shop, shopping centre notice board, workplace, anywhere you can – to help make sure as many people in as possible in Western Australia know what is being proposed at Point Peron …. before it is too late!

Other actions you can take: