Our MRS submission – 3 Volumes


The Federal Department of Environment issued environmental approval of the ‘so called’ Mangles Bay Marina (MBM) and Private Canal Housing Estate proposal on 2 October 2014.

Following on from the Environmental process, the next hurdle for MBM canals proposal is obtaining a Major Amendment to the Metropolitan Region Scheme to allow for a change in use of the land from Bush Forever and Regional Parklands to Urban development/housing.

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) has sought public comment on its plan to rezone the land from Bush Forever and Regional Parklands to Urban development/housing and submissions closed on 13 November 2015. For more see.

We are delighted to advise that Hands Off Point Peron Inc. (HOPP) managed to produce and submit to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) an extremely comprehensive and very well researched submission covering a huge range of crucial issues related to the proposed rezoning. Our report was 600 pages long with 3 volumes including numerous expert reports;

HOPP submission Volume 1  here

HOPP submission Volume 2  here

HOPP submission Volume 3  here

It was critical that HOPP get onto the public record, via our submission to the WAPC, the many valid reasons why the so called Mangles Bay Marina (MBM) would be a huge mistake and why the MBM is clearly against the public interest. However the Government may still ignore us and do a ‘Tick and Flick’ as they did previously with the Public Environmental Review. We are preparing for this possibility and working even harder to build the campaign. It is important that we start raising substantial campaign funds NOW. Please considering donating what you can afford – Even just a small amount would be put to very efficient use. Thanks in anticipation.

To donate, please note your name as a reference. Payment can be made in to the following bank account

Account Name: Hands Off Point Peron Inc.
Account Number: 14274 4192
BSB: 633-000

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