Decision Makers for Proposed Mangles Bay Canal Housing Estate v’s Cape Peron Coastal Park

These are the people from the WA Planning Commission (WAPC) who will be making the decision about the proposed Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment 1280/41 to rezone the land “URBAN” (not “Waterways”). An “URBAN” zoning would allow the sell off and bulldozing of 105.34 ha of Point Peron Regional Parklands for housing on the unfunded, unenforceable and potentially false promise of building the marina.   Given that the marina is the basis on which the proposal has always been marketed, it follows that allowing the land to be zoned “URBAN” may result in a great big scam against the people of Western Australia.

This land was set aside by agreement of the Prime Minister and Premier to be held forever as an “A class reserve” for recreation and parkland and now LandCorp and Cedar Woods want to tear up that promise and make a quick profit at the expense of the community, the economy and the environment.

Will these members of the WAPC have the courage, integrity and foresight to put a stop to this murky project? Or will they bow to pressure from their political masters and the government’s friends in the development industry who want to destroy the golden opportunity to establish a world class coastal park at Cape Peron?

You can let them know how you feel about this proposed re-zoning of Point Peron by sending them an email addressed Attention: WAPC Chairperson and members at:

  •  Commission members
    • Mr Eric Lumsden – Chair, Western Australian Planning Commission
    • Ms Gail McGowan  – Director General, Department of Planning
    • Cr Veronica Fleay – Non-metropolitan local government representative
    • Ms Jane Bennett – Professions representative
    • Mr Fred Chaney – Professions representative
    • Mr Clinton Wolf – Professions representative
    • Mr Jason Banks – Director General, Department of Environment Regulation
    • Mr Steve Wood – Director General, Department of State Development
    • Mr Paul Whyte – Acting Director General, Department of Housing
    • Mr Mike Rowe – Acting Director General, Department of Water
    • Ms Nina Lyhne – Director General, Department of Transport
    • Dr Garry Middle – Coastal planning and management representative
    • Mayor Henry Zelones – Metropolitan local government representative
    • Mr Ralph Addis – Associate Member, Director General, Department of Regional Development
    • Mr Ross Thornton – Regional representative
    • Vacant – Urban and regional planning professional

You can find the commission members here


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