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Save Point Peron Rally at City of Rockingham council offices

Peaceful rally to lobby Rockingham City Councillors to reject the Cedar Woods/Landcorp proposal for a Canal Estate and Inland Marina on public land at Point Peron and to urge councillors to support the Community’s Vision of a Coastal Park on our public land instead.


Because for the proposed Point Peron Canal Estate to go ahead a NEW Local Structure Plan to permit canal estates and artificial waterway developments in the COR has to be prepared and APPROVED by Rockingham City Council and the WAPC.

Remember, without local council and WAPC approval the developers can’t build the proposed canal estate at Point Peron – please pass on this fact to your friends and family.

You can find Rockingham City council meeting dates here

Your local elected representatives are there to listen to your concerns and represent you. We urge everyone to email Rockingham City Councillors today to make their views known

You can find their email addresses here

Some suggested points to make and questions to ask in your communications with local councillors can be found here

Over 10,000 West Australians have signed petitions to say they don’t want this destructive and flawed proposal to go ahead.

Experts in coastal oceanography have expressed concern that this project would be another Port Geographe Bay disaster because the design is the same. That EPA approved Port Geographe Bay disaster has cost WA taxpayers $28 million to fix the mess once the developers left.

ABC News reported about this disaster in Sept. 2014 and the Government of Western Australia has released a Media Statement in Oct. 2014.

If you feel that your concerns were not addressed by the Councillor we urge you to engage in a respectful and ongoing conversation with them until they see your point of view. Contact us if you need any further guidance.

If you are happy to share with us what responses you received back from councillors please email them to us via dawnjecks@gmail.com

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