McGowan – Deceitful by omission or complicit by silence on MBM?

Despite ongoing attempts by the Rockingham community, constituents continue to be unable to get clear answers from the member for Rockingham Mark McGowan MP as to his stance on the so called ‘Mangles Bay Marina’ (MBM), in whose electorate the development is proposed.

On behalf of our members and supporters, Hands Off Point Peron Inc. (HOPP) sent Mr McGowan a survey on 3rd May 2016 and asked the following questions;

  1. Do you support the Cape Peron Coastal Park Concept plan? 
  2. Where do you stand on the 1964 Point Peron Land Transfer Agreement between the Commonwealth and WA State? 
  3. Do you support the Mangles Bay Marina proposal?

HOPP received a response from Mr McGowan on the 20th May 2016; however disappointingly, none of the above questions were answered.  You can read Mr McGowan’s response to our survey here

You will note that in his response Mr McGowan claims that he doesn’t support canals however the MBM is a canal proposal (read why MBM = Canals here) so many residents have become confused as to his stance on the MBM. An example of this confusion was demonstrated by this letter from a local resident to the Sound Telegraph newspaper which was published on the 9th November 2016.


In order to again try and get some clarity on Mr McGowan’s MBM stance, on 13th November 2016 HOPP then sent an open letter to Mr McGowan referring him to Wendy Durant’s letter and asked;

(1)   Is Wendy Durant correct when she says “Mark McGowan definitely does not support the marina at Pt Peron”?

(2)   Do you support or oppose the proposed MRS amendment 1280/41 to rezone public land at Point Peron “Urban” to allow for the proposed Mangles Bay housing estate and other possible uses?

(3)   Do you support or oppose LandCorp’s proposal to bulldoze over 40 hectares of the Point Peron “bush forever” to make way for the proposed Mangles Bay housing estate and other possible uses?

(4)   Do you support the proposed Cape Peron Coastal Park proposal to retain as public land the entire “bush forever” at Point Peron?

(5)   If you become Premier after the election what steps will you take to prevent the rezoning and bulldozing of the “bush forever” at Point Peron for housing and other uses?

Given your role as the local member and Leader of the Opposition we look forward to hearing your clear answers to these questions at your earliest opportunity.

On the 18th November HOPP received a response from Mark McGowan to our open letter where he referred us back to his response to our survey questions that we received back on the 20th May.

In summary none of our questions have been answered and it appears that HOPP and all concerned citizens are receiving the same standard response from Mr McGowan regardless of what questions they ask. See Mr McGowan’s standard response here

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