Any ‘Boating facilities’ at Mangles Bay will = Canals

When it comes to the ‘specific’ Mangles Bay site, any ‘Boating facilities’ will require Canals.

This is because the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has already rejected a proposal in 1993 for offshore ‘boating facilities’ ‘without canals’ citing unacceptable sea grass loss.

That’s why the current proposal is for inland ‘boating facilities’ which require the construction of canals from Mangles Bay to reach an ‘inland’ marina in order to get around the previous 1993 EPA rejection due to unacceptable sea grass loss.

The current proposal for inland ‘boating facilities’ which requires the construction of canals was initiated in 2003 by the current member for Rockingham and WA Labor leader Mark McGowan MP.

You can read the history of Mark McGowan’s involvement in the Mangles Bay Canals proposal here and also here

You can read the full letter of Mark McGowans response to a citizen who expressed concerns about Mangles Bay canal housing estate here

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One thought on “Any ‘Boating facilities’ at Mangles Bay will = Canals

  1. Dawn, you should be congratulated for being the drive behind this initiative, your diligence and hard work has ensured transparency and fairness has been brought to the whole process, your voice represents many locals as you are well aware and assists in striking the balance, critical in any modern democratic society.

    As we understand, a final decision on the re-zoning proposal is imminent with the outcome anxiously awaited by all parties……good luck.

    You should be very proud of the “Hands Off Point Peron” movement and whatever the decision, we all accept (and respect), the robustness of our democratic process.

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